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My mint Leica er 3.5-14×42 4a 2tt reticle is up for trade.
Box, papers & lens covers
Very hard to find this alpha Leica glass
New was $1800 in 2015.
I have a 15 year, 100% satisfaction trader rating on a national forum.
Posting here to see if anyone has a trade I am interested in.
Christensen mesa or Kimber Montana in 6.5 creedmoor or lower power.
Sig 3000 bdx bino rangefinder combo
12, 16 or 20 gauge high quality shotgun - ambidextrous friendly
Lower power variable or fixed 6x euro alpha glass.
Try me with other trade ideas... may be something that I havent thought of.. sorry no restricted, black, tactical or target stuff are of any interest.

Please let me know what you have and we can exchange photos and more information. Happy to ship once we have established mutual confidence.
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