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This is a beautiful example of a Webley WG 1892 Target in 455/476. It has adjustable rear target sights along with a 7.5” target barrel. The bore is in fantastic shape, with sharp and pronounced rifling. (Mirror bore) The action is smooth, crisp, and tight in both single and double action. This revolver retains 90% of the original blue finish, with a church steeple cylinder, and original birds head grips, this is a fine example of a WG Target.

The Webley WG Target’s are essentially the Cadillac of Webley revolvers. They have a much smoother action than that of their Mark Series counterparts. They were often used by officers and other higher ranking individuals. The target model was incredibly popular amongst competition shooters and still is today with enthusiasts. This gun can shoot .455 as .476 and .455 are interchangeable. 455 Ammo is easy to find and Fiocchi ammo is fairly common to find. This revolver holds antique status and has documentation with it proving so. This means you can carry and shoot this gun anywhere you are allowed to carry and shoot non restricted firearms. This is a rare model in phenomenal shape $4550, open to trade offers aswell.
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