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I have two very interesting shotguns to sell or trade as illustrated below. The only trade I'm interested in for one or more/one + cash/whatever is a 20 or 16 gauge O/U shotgun, preferably with a single trigger, selective ejectors, vent rib and interchangeable chokes. If it is fixed choked full and modified I will consider it. Let me know what you might have. Shipping will be extra. Thanks for looking. (Additional pics available by PM.)

First up is an Ithaca 37 Featherweight in 12 Gauge with full choke, 30" barrel. The 37 ejects shells downward and this one is actually set up with a "lefty" crossbolt safety. So perfect for a left handed shooter, but easily usable for a right handed one as well. Condition is actually quite good for a shotgun of this vintage. Some frecking on metal, wood is good even under the leather lace-up pad. I have hunted this one and the function is flawless. Recoil with this light weight shotgun is surprisingly minimal. Before my use this past fall, this shotgun had not been fired in well over 20 years. My searches indicate DOM was 1956. $350 or trade as described above. ***NOW $300***, *** NOW $250***, ***NOW $225*** (The pic for this one did not show up, PM me for that or additional pics of either.)

Second up is a real treat. This is a CZ 581-04 ( Model 4, UH Brod, made in Czechoslovakia) O/U 12 Gauge with full and modified (as far as I can tell) choked 27.5" barrels. Tight lockup, vent rib with dual beads, dual triggers, selective ejectors, integral shoulder strap loops, professionally installed Old English Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad and cheekpiece in the nicely figured wood. The CZ quality shows with this one. Condition is very good for a hunted shotgun, a couple of minor rubs in the receiver metal and a hairline crack in the foregrip wood on the right side near the receiver. A great shooter, the dual beads make head shooting those non-flying grouse easy. $600 or trade as described above. ***NOW $550***, ***NOW $535***, ***NOW $500***.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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