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Carbon Controversy: Scent-Lok Defeats Naysayers In Court Battle

Cllick here for full article on Scent-Lok

What's your opinion of carbon hunting clothing? Do you wear it and believe in it, or think it's just hocus pocus? Well, the final results of an epic court battle show that "Scent-Lok products give hunters a real advantage."

It's been more than 5 years since Scent-Lok was forced to defend the claims behind the effectiveness of their carbon hunting clothing. Now, nine federal lawsuits against them have been completely dismissed.

According to court documents, here are the legal "Findings Of Fact" that might be of interest to hunters:

- Carbon is a highly effective odor adsorbent.
- Expert testing found that, using highly elevated test odor concentrations that were “likely a ten thousand fold greater than a human body could produce in the course of 24 hours,” Scent-Lok carbon hunting clothing fabrics blocked 96-99 percent of the odor compounds, and essentially 100 percent of the surrogate body odor compounds tested.
- Expert testing also found that after drying, or washing and drying, Scent-Lok carbon fabrics continue to be highly effective at blocking odor permeation.

There you have it. Scent-Lok has been officially deemed as effective hunting gear by our justice system. Undoubtedly, for many, the jury's still out. Some will consider this an O.J. Simpson-esque ruling. My ruling: I will do anything and everything possible to increase my odds as a predator. That means I will wear scent-control clothing (such as Scent-Lok) whenever possible.

Apparently, vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan believes in carbon technology for scent control. According to an article from CNN, while shopping for deer hunting clothes for his daughter, Ryan "explained to reporters the hat and gloves include carbon, which helps block a human's scent."
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