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I hate to have to part with these...My uncle left them to me:

Model 70 Winchester Sportster with wood stock and scope post '64 .243: $875

Wingmaster 870 $370 12 gauge

Traditions .50 cal ebolt muzzzle loader with 3x9 scope (maybe 10 shots fired?) $200?

Sporterized 6.5X55 tapped for scope $190? friend took the scope one off me already...

I'm going off of supplied pricing from three different gun dealers. I will deal for Guys who are looking to outfit their kids as that was one of the highlights of my childhood...the muzzleloader is way to easy to clean and the wingmaster has been so much fun. The Model 70 however, I think is priced bargain cheap...they are selling for much more then this but people just have to know what they are looking for if they buy a rifle like this. Its kind of a crown jewel...much like how they jeweled the's very cool! I can supply pics just need to learn how to upload them first! And hey, someone please tell me if I a, out to lunch!
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