rifle loves to shoot Remington 140 gr it was my main rifle for all hunting . Pkg deal only
The scope came right from Germany many years ago and has been on many rifles it is a 26mm tube fixed 8 powder with a amazing 56mm obj lens.
The Germans know what they are doing with optics, and they have figured out your pupil will be at its largest at 8x56.
Reticle is the German #1 or also known as the German 3 post reticle or sniper reticle.
I have sat way past legal hunting time 45-1.5 hrs past and have scoped deer out on fields and could have made clean shots .
The scope mounts are 26mm and are made by Redfield and is the same mounting system as a Leupold turn in rings.
The barrel was a brand new take off a Remington 700 sendero 7/08
Trades , part trades considered are Thompson Center 20ga slug barrel or whole rifle , H&R Ultra slug hunter in 20 ga only ,Thompson Center Encore 50/209 Kat