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I thought some of you might find this interesting....

About 5 years ago my wife won a door prize Remington 783 at Wolverine Day in Virden. The rifle is in .243 Win and we shot it that year. It shot 1.5 to 2 MOA (i.e. three shot spread at 100 yards). Not bad for a budget factory rifle. This winter I decided to play around with it and first order of business was to modify the forearm to make sure the barrel free floated. The factory stock was too bendy at the forearm and contacted the barrel. So I took out the drill and Dremel and got to work. I added two 6mm carbon tube to the forearm and filled the forearm up with good old JB Weld. Still to come is bedding the action, a better scope and adjusting the trigger pull.

But today I took the gun out to see if the forearm work helped. With the crappy factory scope on it I managed two groups like this....Not too shabby!


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