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I waterfowl hunt mainly on property I have in SW MB. During deer season something had dug a few fresh monstrous holes! At first thought coyote digging rodents etc but tracks proved otherwise then I saw 2 huge fat racoons! A fair number of waterfowl nest around my marsh and I was thinking these raccoons will likely get a lot of these nests? I know geese are good at protecting nests but at some pointI think these ***** will get a lot of the waterfowl eggs, including grouse and other upland/migratory birds. I don’t like to take any animal if not necessary but for example coyotes also get a lot of nests, fawns etc etc so by controlling population of them benefits waterfowl greatly. I need to make sure its legal to “take” a raccoon and decide from there! This fall was first time i saw ***** on my property and was astonished at holes they had dug and these guys were big!
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