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With alot on the go right now and possibly moving within the month I chose to shoot the first buck that presented itself.
Made it into my stand 20 mins before legal light and got ready.
Not seeing anything as of yet and hearing alot of shooting all around me, I decided to try some rattling.
Not 1 min after hanging the antlers up I spotted a deer moving in my direction and got myself ready.
At 65 yrds it stopped behind a tree and I still could not tell what it was untill he started moving again.
I picked my spot as he movd into it at 55 yrds and BANG, he dropped on the spot and my season was over.
2 1/2 yr old 5 point (3x2)

Have NO clue as to where my camera is, so no field pics.
But I plan on snapping acouple before I cut him up.
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