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Me offshoreonly and a friend of my dad headed out to oak hammock today. Not expecting the best as it was sunny and the winds were not to strong when we headed out in the morning. Thankfully it changed and became VERY strong. The birds were in the deeks from 7:30 till about 9:30. non stop.

As hunting just started we were not in a hurry to fill limits or anything so we had some laughs missed some birds. Made some bad choices on what to shoot and what to let fly over for the guy behind us. all in all we dropped 9 between me and offshoreonly as my dads friend was more or less just trying to get his puppy into the swing of things. I got a ton of footage with the gopro

[BBvideo 425,350:1pulzvsb][/BBvideo:1pulzvsb]

All in all a wicked day in the field, cant wait till tomorrow. bring on the wind!

PS. first time in about 7 years we have been stopped by co's goose hunting, was sort of good to see, even tho the road shooting yahoos are long gone and oak hammock is a ghost town


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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