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I am hearing that Dean Partridge from Canadian Whitetail television just harvested the largest buck killed on video. I can't find a whole lot about it online, so just wandering if anyone on here has heard anything about this?

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Default Record-Breaking bow whitetail buck taken Dean Partridge of Canadian Whitetail TV. 230 inch non-typical

Rumors Confirmed About Record-Breaking Whitetail

October 24 2012

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - Dean Partridge of Canadian Whitetail Television is proud to confirm the rumors recently circulating on the internet regarding a record-breaking non-typical whitetail he took with his bow on October 6th, 2012. The deer in question has been officially scored and to anyone's knowledge is the largest free-range whitetail ever taken with the bow on film.

Partridge has several years of history with the large buck, including high definition footage that he has captured on past hunts. He is now thankful that he passed on the deer over the years as the animal has come in at well over 230 inches non-typical with an astounding 200-inch typical 5x5 frame.

At the age of 33, Partridge has taken over 20 pope and young whitetails, and multiple Boone and Crockett-class whitetails with his bow. He reports this new giant non-typical is some of the best footage Canadian Whitetail Television has ever produced.

This accomplishment follows a string of massive deer taken by the team at Canadian Whitetail Television and Hunting Canada and Beyond TV, including multiple other 200+ inch deer. As a result, these two shows continue to be the most
watched hunting programs in Canada despite their current lack of an audience in the lower 48 states where they plan to begin airing this season. With their unmatched content, rich stories, and award winning history in Canadian hunting television production, their USA debut is expected to raise the bar of outdoor programming.

Photography of the record-breaking whitetail was captured professionally and will be made available-along with the story-to interested parties. Additionally, Canadian Whitetail Television is currently providing multiple advertising
opportunities on their show where the hunt will air.

We we're so fortunate to be able to take this beautiful animal, and that we will be able to share this hunt with all our viewers. It was truly a bitter sweet day as our goal was to take this great deer, but at the same time it was saddening that it was also the final chapter in the life of such an incredible buck.

Be the first to feature this exclusive story.

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