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Hi everyone!
New to the site. I'm from Quebec.
My brother lives in Manitoba and told me about this site.
For the last 7 years my wife and myself had the chance to hunt deer in your great province
We just happen to visit my brother for a week in november almost every year. (wonder why we don't visit in march... :mrgreen: )
We leave for your province next saturday for muzzleloader this time.

manitoba is a great place to visit, we feel welcome every time. And we've been invited to join hunters party more than once. My brother's friends welcome us like we've been friends for years.

My nickname coldmaker comes from my job as a refrigeration/air conditioning mechanic.
I've been rifle and bow hunting for 25 years.

Looking forward to virtually meet nice people on this site

Good hunting season to all! May the big one show up in shooting range.
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