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DISCLAIMER: I don't follow directions, so I just add stuff til it tastes good!!!

About 2lbs of venison stewing meat
Maple syrup
Fresh Garlic
Beef Broth
Corn starch
Salt and pepper

Brown the stewing meat in a frying pan til its almost done add pepper or mrs dash while cooking
Put meat in slow cooker
Add some water and beef broth
Slice up fresh mushrooms, Garlic, and onions and put in the pan from the meat, and cook til the mushrooms lose their water
Put vegetables in slow cooker
Cube up potatoes and slice up celery and add to mix as well
Add a couple good squirts of maple syrup to mixture
Cook on low for about 4hrs
Add some corn starch until desired thickness is reached
Add salt and pepper to your liking!!!


I was bored one day and decided to try something different, turned out pretty good!!!
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