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Looking to rent cabin or house

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Hi all,

Looking for a decent place for myself and son (5 years old) and possibly a hunting partner to stay in the interlake region this coming October. Looking to rent a place for a few nights, a week, or possibly a month- depending on the price. We would be looking for just a place, and not necessarily property to hunt. Anywhere near the Shoal Lakes or Oak Hammock would be great!!!

We are looking at coming up some time in October for a diver hunt in the Shoal Lakes and possibly goose hunting in and around Stonewall. If anyone has ideas, leads, or thoughts, please pm me or let me know here.

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i know someone in Selkirk that has cabins if you are interested.
Thanks Jim,
Where are the cabins? Think we are going to try out the Rubber Ducky Campground. Figure only 20-30 minutes to Shoal, and shorter to Stonewall.
cabins are just north of Selkirk. 50 minutes to Shoal.
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