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I consider myself fortunate to never have had to fight a war and I have never served. I do however have unwavering respect to those who did and those who currently do. I agree that it's very important to remember the sacrifices.

Every Remembrance day for as long as I can remember I've spent it hunting. Hunting is one of (if not the) most pleasurable things for me to do. I can do that because others made sacrifices for me to have the freedom to do it.

On a morning like today with wet cold feet I like to think of how much more uncomfortable I could be. Places I'm not are in a wet trench or a hot desert. I'm not missing home or in fear for my life.

If you see a veteran express your appreciation. Something to remember is that not all injuries are physical - asking "what's the worst thing you've ever...." is not really a great conversation starter. That one I can attest to as a firefighter.

Lest we forget.
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