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By default a user will be subscribed to any threads that they've posted in, and will receive an email every time someone replies. Here is the MHF version of the quick unsubscribe guide that Ty posted on ManitobaFishingForum.


Click this link

And change the Notify me upon replies by default: to NO

Like this


Go here.

Go to the bottom and click Mark All
then click unwatch marked.

If you have pages of watched topics, you'll have to mark and unwatch one page at a time.

In the future. If you want to subscribe to a single topic. So lets you start a thread that you would like to keep track of or get emails about.
At the top left of any topic you will see a link that says Subscribe Topic. Click it and you will get email notifications about that thread only.

To turn it off again go back to

and unsubscribe.
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