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How long do you stick to your standard

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Every year when deer season rolls around, I think that most of us say something like "this year I'm not going to shoot unless it's a xxx class buck". How long do you stick to that before you settle for something not quite as big?
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not long usually i am very inpatient and i love to stalk but this year will be another story with the stupid limits
brettwilby said:
not long usually i am very inpatient and i love to stalk but this year will be another story with the stupid limits
:lmao: Me too.
Yeah many cases I will see a nice little 3 pointer on the very first morning and say that is a "good eater, but I still have a whole week". Then it almost never fails that that will have been the nicest buck of the week and I would be happy to have him fill my freezer come day 5 or 6.
I just make a decision as the situation arises, I don't really set a standard
I stick to it now... It mostly just goes by my previous personal best.
I stick to 5 yr old bucks or up from the 1st day of archery till the end of rifle. I have not regretted passing up 3 or 4 year olds the last day of a particular season. But thats just me.
Your sticktoitiveness is most admirable. :cool:
During rifle last year I let a nice 8 pointer walk opening day. I held out until the end of the first week of December and then packed it in. Can't hunt at night and that's when they were moving. I did have my fun during muzzle though.
I have stuck to it and had tag soup for many years!
The one in the second photo had you spotted.
Some spot me occasionally while I take pics, not that it matters, the ones I don't have pics. of, those are the shooters.....and hopefully I'm beside them on the pics.
Have not been a big standard hunter. But if it's a yearling I'll pass on it. Otherwise I go by the, if it's brown put it down! My family friends love deer sausage smokies so have to have something for the freezer.
I usually hold out until my son tags his. I like having a tag in my pocket while he is still hunting, but there have been a couple of times where I've ended up being the chauffeur and grouse hunter in November while he is still searching for his buck.
I have no problem holding off, last year I ate tag soup. Now when I was younger it was harder.

Now with that being said my goals might be a little lower than some others. My goals also change every year with te bucks that I kill.
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