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I got 3 times this week, I got on wednesday with my uncle and we ended up bring home 5 geese and a duck, one of the big honkers that I droped had a band on it :hunter: :D , Went out yesterday with my dad as well as my uncle we were a pain for the brids, we dropped 15 geese and 4 ducks, last I got today with the two of them again and all tho we didnt have a hot day, we still ended up coming with 4 ducks and 6 geese. The reason why we didnt have a hot day is, well sometimes you have a bad day and miss, a lot, :lol: that was today for us.
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:lmao: Sounds like you guys had a great time.
a band... I hope you know thats pretty lucky.. lol, I got 13 years of almost serious hunting under my belt with NO bands yet :( My dad has one in 30+ years lol. glad to hear you guys are doin alright. where are you hunting?
We were out by stonewall and the bands lol, between me, my dad and uncle we have shot 7 banded birds in 8 years lol, we got 3 last year all in the same field, we just have some luck. My goal is to get one with a cash award lol, those r rare for us, my uncle has 12 bands in 63 years of hunting and no cash award
Nicely done, sounds like you had a blast !
Group of us went out lastnight, we shot 12 honkers, 3 big suckers! And I shot my second band lastnight! First band I got was 2 seasons ago, I'm pretty pumped about it!
While in Portage today I saw 4 banded birds and 2 doubles walk across the road in front of my truck. Now if I could only find them while hunting...
43+ years of hunting, and no band yet. Been hunting with friends when they've shot them, but I've not been as lucky.
Not a duck hunter... and apparantly I'm too lazy to use google. Anyone want to explain the signifigance of the bands?
like say 1% of canada geese get bands from the federal government. its just something rare so we put it on a silver platter lol. Its the first thing I look for when I got a bird down lol. ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!
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i've been lucky to get 3 bands on Canada geese in my waterfowling years and been on hunts where others have got banded birds. I'm still waiting to get a banded duck though.
I was with someone last year in delta marsh, he shot a duck that had a double band and one of them was a I believe a $100 reward, if not more lol.
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