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Just wondering if there are any guys or crews heading out Saturday morning that wouldn't mind an extra gun tagging along. I am staying in Winnipeg Friday night, and was hoping to get out Saturday morning but my hunting partner can't make it now and pretty disapointed.

I have my own truck, blind, etc. and a couple of decoys to throw into the mix if need be. Will definitely pull my own weight setting up and cleaning up. Would love to get out with an experienced guy or two to learn a few new tricks!

Would definitely be interested in trading this one for a duck hunt in southern man. or a seat on my boat in a couple of weeks at Shoal Lake for divers.

Feel free to shoot me a pm a place to meet in or go in the morning or shoot me a txt or call to 204-712-6671.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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