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Ok so my neighbour arrowed a decent buck on the weekend,only problem is they never found it that day...or the next,but Monday a fella noticed this big buck laying out in the field across the road. They spent 2 days looking through the whole bush. Luckily the fella that found the buck,contacted the CO's to see about keeping the rack...somehow the CO's suggested asking around to the couple local homes to see if anyone had arrowed it,as it had an obvious arrow hole(and exit)not a bad shot,but amazing how far this buck went before it dropped. My neighbour was exstatic to find out it had been found,showed the CO the pictures of it from his trail cam etc.,and let him know HE was the one that arrowed it.
Anyhow,after two days(Monday being+29),it was bloated like a balloon,very unfourtunate of course to waste the meat,but the cape is more than likely NFG,he caped it out and threw it in his deep freeze. Any chance that some one out there happends to drop a decent size(body wise) in the next week or two,and not interested in having a shoulder mount,this guy is willing to pay$$ for a nice cape as he REALLY wants to do a shoulder mount with this trophy. If you do, pm me asap,or call me at home 883-2388...perhaps I can give ya a free horn mount(padded in leather) for it in exchange,but dont let it sit around long. Other reminder,leave lots of shoulder(2-3"past front legs) and do NOT cut it up the front. I would skin the head out here for you.
thanks in advance
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