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Drunken Moose Steak & Caramelized Pepper Medley

Steak Ingredients
- 4 x 8-10oz Moose Steaks (any steak will work but I have a soft spot for moose meat)
- 2 tbsp Cabela’s Whiskey Steak seasoning
- ½ cup Bull’s-Eye Guinness Draft Beer Blend BBQ sauce
- 2 tbsp Olive oil

Steak Preperation
- Rinse steak in cold water to clean off any blood / residue
- Pat dry with paper towel (shop towel works amazing)
- Brush steaks with olive oil evenly covering with a light layer
- Rub the steaks with the Cabela’s Whiskey Steak seasoning
- Saran Wrap the steaks and refrigerate (overnight if possible)
- Preheat BBQ on high heat to superheat the grates
- Turn BBQ to low and grill on low over direct heat to desired readiness (flipping only once, after you flip the steaks liberally apply the BBQ sauce to the side that has already been grilled)
- Remove from BBQ and let sit for 4-5 minutes then serve (letting the steaks sit w/o flipping before serving allows the juices to soak back into the meat)

Pepper Medley Ingredients
- 1 pack of Stoplight Peppers
- 1 pack of Button Mushrooms
- 1 Medium sweet onion
- 3 tbsp Cabela’s Pecan Honey seasoning
- 2 tbsp margarine/butter

Pepper Medley Preparation
- Wash and slice peppers, onion, and mushrooms (I usually halve the mushrooms)
- Melt margarine/butter in a pan until it starts to bubble at medium heat
- Add vegetable mix to frying pan
- Add Pecan Honey seasoning
- Sautee vegetables until the mixture softens and starts to caramelize

Serve steak next to pepper medley and an ice cold Innis & Gunn or Spiced and Coke (this is drunken moose after all).
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