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Well the average person is terrified of bears and figures they will try and eat you when given the chance but in reality a bear is scared of rustling leaves never mind a bowhunter. Spot and stalk isnt too difficult you just need a good set of stones and a general sense of distance and size (two hardest things to judge when inside 40 yards of a bear).

Here's the story:

We glassed a few field edges and spotted a couple bears feeding and picked which ones looked like shooters. We walked out along the field edge until the wind switched too much and I had to back out and try from the other side of the field. With my uncle watching from a few hundred yards away i crawled on my hands and knees and slithered along the ground like a snake in the tall grass for a few hundreds yards. I was always watching to make sure the bear wasnt looking my direction when i timed each step sometimes holding my body position for minutes at a time (insert calve cramp here). Bears are basically blind outside of 150 yards (they can see a blob but if you remain still and have any sort of camo on they wont figure out what you are). Also if there is no wind, you wont get within 100 yards i can tell you that. Luckily we had a good hard wind and i was able to get within about 50 yards of the bear i was hoping to shoot which had a nice brown coat. The only issue was that there was a 400lb sow with cubs feeding 20 yards away between me and the other bear. I sat motionless for 20 minutes waiting for the sow and cups to leave the feild and eventually they did when another bear came out and scared them away. The new bear also caught the attention of the one i was hoping for and he came wandering over toward me. I figured it at about 40 yards and when he turned broadside i let him have it and hit em right in the boiler maker, all be it a few inches high. The other bear in the field then stood up to see what all the noise was about and we stared at eachother (both standing now) at a distance of 20 yards. I watched my bear run into the trees and within 45 seconds i heard the death moan (bears will do the death moan 99.99% of the time). Since the shot was high just under the spine and i was shooting almost level from the ground there was no blood to follow. The good thing was is that i had heard the moan and new the bear was close. We found it laying 50 yards off the field edge. I paced out the shot afterwards and it was 32 yards (not 40 like i expected) and i was lucky enough to find the arrow too! I had a few other bear stalks busted earlier in the day and also just about stepped on one that was laying in the grain that i couldnt even see. Its painful when you crawl and crawl for 150 yards only to step on one stick inside 35 yards and have the bear run away. This is about the 5th bear ive shot this way. I find it hard to shoot one in the spring over bait unless its giant because i always look forward to fall spot and stalk.
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