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Bear Cruzer G2 - LEFT HANDED

Immaculate condition

Draw length is easy to adjust between 12" and 30" without a press
• Adjustable draw weight between 5 and 70 lb.
315 FPS
Axle to axle 30”
Let off 70%
Weight 3 lbs 4 Oz

Trophy Ridge stabilizer
Trophy Ridge 4 pin sight
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
Trophy Ridge 5 arrow quiver (detachable)
Easton competition quiver
True Fire trigger
Bear archery soft case
5 Easton target arrows
All original paperwork and parts (extra cams etc)

My daughter used this for archery club and has lost interest in archery. This bow was always used under adult supervision and was never dry fired. It is in new condition.

This bow is not a toy. It is the real deal made by a very good manufacturer. It is also a bow that a smaller person can grow with and is legal for archery season.

Retail cost of all items is $600 plus taxes.
Asking $400

Located in East Selkirk
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