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I have a table @ the Carman Mb Gunshow on Saturday the 24th of October.

I have several nice firearms that I will be selling.

A Husqvarna in 8mm Mauser (8x57Js): Has a Williams receiver sight. Low round count, bore is VG. Shoots 150 and 200 gr handloads (and factory ammunition) very accurately.

Sticker price $550

A Remington 700 Classic in 350 Rem Mag. This is the 1987 issue of the Classic Issue. Very accurate rifle. Has a Williams receiver sight. Unfired brass available.

Sticker price $850

A Enfield Model of 1917 (P17) made by Winchester. Fitted with a Bishop walnut stock. I've shot Federal blue box ammunition and handloads with cast bullets. Drilled and tapped for a Weaver side mount. It has a Bushnell 73-3942 mounted in Weaver rings. This is a project that I don't seem to have time to finish. Condition poor to good, with potential to be a nice rifle. My plan was to re-chamber to 308 Norma Mag for a nostalgia classic.

Sticker price $450, $350 W/O scope and rings

A Winchester Model 12 shotgun, 12 ga. 2 3/4, SN 1857XXX, 1961 production. I had planned to shorten the barrel to riot gun specs because of the 5 round mag and slam fire capability but it really is too nice. Blueing good except for some pitting near the muzzle, typical fleece guncase rust.

Sticker price $450

A 1895 Winchester in 30 US (30-40 Krag). It has a weak mainspring but still shoots. I tested it with factory and handloads and it shoots pretty well. It has been reblued at one time. I believe it's 1903 production.

Sticker price $650

A 20 ga O/U LC Smith (Marlin) in a Browning hard case. 5 boxes of ammunition available.

Sticker price $1000 with case.


Belgium Browning model 1903 with shoulder stock, rare and collectible with a military model to complete the collection. They are chambered in 9mm Browning Long, the original chambering, and have not been converted to 380.

Both pistols are functional, I have fired both. Ammunition (non-corrosive) is available in Canada and the cases can be reloaded.

The stocked version is in good condition but some of the accessories are missing, (the 10 round mag and the cleaning rod). The pistol and accessories fit in the butt of the stock.

$ 2000

The military pistol has been refurbed, blasted and reblued by the armory.

I'll include a box of factory ammo.

$ 350

I am still checking some values so the prices may change. If you would like pictures or details, please PM me. Any pre-show sales will be at the prices shown.


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