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Blood tracking is allowed in BC, ON, PQ, NB and NFLD. ND had their first tracking season in 2019. There is a group in SK lobbying and one in Alberta that I posting their seminar announcement for.

The attached image is part of the info pamphlet. Contact [email protected] for the complete package or message me for the packages and costs.

United Blood Trackers (UBT) is likely the biggest group in the US. They've been pretty key in helping alot of states have after shot tracking written into the regs of most of the states.

Personally, i think it is something MB should consider. I think it could be an easy add to the regs. Well, i guess i should say hope that it could be an easy add. Hunters are req'd to make every effort to retrieve a wounded animal, etc etc. Most of the areas are dogs on a 30 foot lead, hunter who's tag is going on the animal is present, most places aren't allowing shot at night. Really, its pretty much the same as asking a friend to come out and look except one of them is very good at tracking when the blood trail kinda runs out.

Other quick notes; in no state or province has it become a requirement have access to dog tracking, places with the most active tracking community generally have the least verbage in the regulations. UBT does not endorse a government controlled registration or testing system. Again, simpler is better. There are lots of regs and laws in existence if using a dog is being abused by someone.

Message me and i can forward to you the complete pamphlet for the seminar.
Thanks for having a look


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