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Archery Moose

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Using a bow to hunt moose has really become popular over the past 20 years or so. What is the minimum draw weight you'd consider to hunt moose, and how heavy a broadhead weight do you consider to be minimum for hunting the largest member of the deer family?
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I myslef wouldn't hunt moose with a bow set under 60lbs. I shoot a 100gr. broadhead for everything out of a 70lb bow, the broadheads are tuned to my bow and very strong. Most would go with a 125gr. head though.
I have shot moose with a rifle but not with my bow but I don't see any reason 60 lbs and a good 100 grain broadhead wouldn't do the trick. I'm sure a well placed arrow with a 50 lb bow would be fine too.
I'm all for heavy arrows for big game hunting in general. Easier on the the bow, better energy transfer, and the bow is a little quieter with them. I think heavier arrows tune better as well.
My current setup is a 495 grain carbon arrow flying at 290 ft/s (125 gr broadhead 70lb. 30.5 draw) Shot quite a few bulls with it. That said I also killed some, with lighter arrows in the past.
Like the above posters mentioned those will all do the trick, it's more of a matter of preference, but I wouldn't feel very comfortable at all below 60 lb (let alone when using a mechanical broadhead) They don't all stand broadside, and have thick ribs.
I don't mind being "overbowed" (if there's such a thing) for moose, elk, or whitetail bucks for that matter.
Hunted moose with a 55 lbs recurve, and 600 grains arrows. No problem with penetration.
Killed a moose this year using a 60lb bow, 28" draw, shot was 60 yards, hit a rib on entry, arrow passed through and went another 20-30yards, and thats with a 465gr arrow and QAD exodus broadheads"large 3 blade head 1 1/4" cut and a blade angle that doesn't help penatration". With that said my 60 pound Darton shoots the same arrow as my Elite gt500 did at 76 pounds!
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