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Hi everyone, I'm in the early planning stages of a moose hunting trip up north.

I've never done a trip out of my home gha nor have I ever hunted moose so I'm looking for some guidence mainly on what areas a guy should Try to focus on and the best tactics to hunt moose because I'm sure that's hard enough let alone in unfamiliar territory.

Also I'm wondering what the best way to get into decent moose country would be (ex. By boat, plane, quad etc.) obvouisly the more remote the less hunt pressure though.

And what the best way to camp would be, I've been looking into an outfitter tent but was wondering if theres a business who offers A self guided trip (offers a outpost cabin and flight to and fro) I've seen some in ontario such as "thunderhook" but haven't seen one in mb yet.

Also any other tips, tricks or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any input, cheers!
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