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Sold my 30-06 so have no use for these.

Lee Pace Setter Die Set - 30-06, has a Resizing/ Primer remover, Bullet seater, and crimping die with die box. $20 ($34+ tax new)

RCBS FL Die Set - 30-06 has Resizing/ Primer remover, Bullet seater & Crimper in one with die box - $20 ($40+ tax new)

Lee die has resized about 80 cases, the other 2 are unused (didn't like the seating die)
RCBS has resized 1 case, seated about 50 bullets

Also have a Lee Safety Scale, the one that comes in the 50th anniversary kit. Will sell for $10 ($5 if you take a die set!)

b_didychuk @

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