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  1. Sold
    As the title says. I am looking to trade my very clean, legitimate low round count Winchester Model 70 XTR in 270. Based on the serial number it is a 1989/1990 model year. PLEASE NOTE that the sling in the picture is NOT INCLUDED. I am looking to trade for a lever action 22. I would consider a...
  2. Sold
    Have a Mosin rifle in great condition. Looking to trade for a 22lr. Will send pics in a PM.
  3. Sold
    I have the following 30/06 brass: 25- new Winchester with Fed 210 primers 22- 1x fired Winchester 19- 1x fired Federal 16- 2x fired Prvi/nny $15 or trade for 223, 22/250, 257 Rob, 6.5x55, 308 or 303 brass. I can throw in some cash towards the trade if the amount is greater for your brass. Thanks.
1-3 of 4 Results