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  1. Sold
    I Have a Savage bolt action 340 30-30 with a three shot magazine. It is a sweet little gun and was shortened for a smaller framed person. Works great. But want a single shot 30-30 for my grandson. What kind of 30-30 single shot would you have for a trade? 204-340-0641
  2. Sold
    I have a used Hatsun Optima 20 gauge foldable shotgun. Single shot. The stock has some scrathes due to riding in my Jeep. Barrel perfect. Will sell for $ 175. I live in Pinawa and from time to time come into Winnipeg. Call or text me for photos at 204-340-0641.
  3. Sold
    H&R single shot in .243 caliber with Bushnell 3-9 x 32 scope. Has a Boyd thumb hole stock and a Boyd regular stock. All in great shape though regular stock has scratches and shows hunting use. $ 600. Call or text 204-340-0641.
1-3 of 8 Results