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  1. Welcome New Users
    Morning HUNTERS! (I'll toss this post in a few areas) Retired now (2018) medically from the army after 21 years! settled in Winnipeg for a while now. I have hunted a few times over the years but never become a priority as work and deployments kept me too busy (priorities.) That said I know a...
  2. Welcome New Users
    Hello All, I have recently acquired my hunter safety and PAL and am excited to start hunting. Problem that I'm having is I have no trigger time, no equipment, no mentor, no friends into hunting, nothing. I want to start with small game (hare and such) and move up later on. I'm looking for any...
  3. Welcome New Users
    Hello! Im just about to start my hunting journey and wish to get a few tips and tricks such as good land, how to get permission to hunt on lands and best game to hunt for a beginner ect. I live in the winkler/modern area. I am already a decently experienced archer and will be using a bow...
1-3 of 3 Results