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  1. Buy And Sell
    A Left Handed Jennings Air Master Bow. 70lbs at 27.5in draw. Comes with a case, several arrows and supplies for arrows. Will include release, arm guard, small target. Everything works just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. Open to offers or trades and would consider delivering for a price.
    $200 CAD
  2. Sold
    Bought this bow at auction, but foolishly failed to ask the important question - what hand is it? Whelp it's a left hand bow and I'm a right hand bow user; so I'm selling this for what I paid, not taxes and not the damn auction fee. So please don't try to get me to go lower, I'd just as much...
    $110 CAD
  3. General Hunting Discussion
    does anybody have a line on any crown land or receptive land owners in the NUCPA. i am looking to put a doe in my freezer. and still be able to do some buck hunting. this is one of the few areas where we are allowed a second deer. and with archery equipment nice little tune up and not a bad...
  4. Welcome New Users
    Hello! Im just about to start my hunting journey and wish to get a few tips and tricks such as good land, how to get permission to hunt on lands and best game to hunt for a beginner ect. I live in the winkler/modern area. I am already a decently experienced archer and will be using a bow...
  5. Welcome New Users
    Hey everyone, I've always been interested in hunting but require some help getting started. Happy to have stumbled upon this Forum. I would like to take up archery, If anyone can point me in the direction of a mentor, it would be much appreciated! Mira
1-5 of 5 Results