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2019 Whitetail Buck
After three long hunts over two days without seeing a single buck my luck suddenly changes. To the left of my hunting spot I see a large bodied deer walking past my area on the other side of a dense thicket. I immediately let out two doe bleats which stopped him in his tracks but wasn't enough to turn him around. I decided to switch my call from doe to buck and in doing so lost sight of him. I contemplated stalking him on foot while I let out a few short tending grunts. Not a minute later I see a set of white antlers trot out from the forested area directly in front of me. Mouth open, the buck walked confidently into my area. I clicked my safety off and lined my crosshairs on him as he walked forward. I waited until he turned broadside and without hesitation fired my shot into his boiler room. He instantly jumped up and bolted back into the woods crashing down 60 yards from where I shot him. This is my second public land buck that I've harvested and my largest yet, a big step up from my first.
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